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30/06/2014 The Environment Agency have released their latest update for the development work at Medmerry and are pleased to report that contractors have been on site since early May and landscaping and access works are progressing well and plans on having most of the work completed by August with some landscaping work and planting being completed in the autumn.

Please note that parts of the site are still hazardous and the Environment Agency advises that you do not attempt to cross the breach due to deep and fast flowing water, there is no access to the intertidal areas, the area, as well as being a haven for wildlife, has very soft ground and there is a risk of entrapment and stranding. If you walk on shingle bank between the two rock ends please check tide times and be award that conditions are constantly changing.

Please do not pick up any unidentified objects on the beach, be aware that a number of pieces of unexploded ordnance have been detonated this year by the arty bomb disposal team, if you see any suspicious objects please inform the coastguard on 999.

16/06/2014 The beach recharge is now complete, check out this wonderful footage of the Sospan Dau. Click Here

30/05/2014 The beach recharge is commencing next week. The profile of the beach is developing exactly as anticipated and the scheme has performed well through the worst storms and certainly the most persistent in recent times. It is important to note that the beach will always require work.

This June we will see the final load of shingle, which was due in October last year but was hampered by weather. The Sospan Dau is planned to deliver shingle in 30 loads starting next week, working with the tides.

We will also take the opportunity to tidy and re-profile the beach. Many will have seen how the height of the shingle has grown by nearly 6ft at Toe End, and we will re-level and take the excess material to the eastern end near the windmill breakwater, this process is likely to take a couple of weeks, the beach will not be closed however areas will be fenced off while work takes place. The beach will then be in tip top condition for all to enjoy the summer.

20/09/2013 The seawall is now breached and the nature reserve is now taking the tidal waters. Click here to see the latest pictures.

11/09/2013 The Environment Agency are currently breaching the seawall to create an intertidal area with The Medmerry Realignment Scheme. This will cause some public footpaths and rights of way to be closed some footpaths will be permanently re-routed behind the new flood bank. For more information please visit the Environment Agency website here.

08/07/2013 - The most recent Medmerry Construction update reports that the current work is on schedule and all defences are to be complete by the autumn. The flood bank adjacent to West Sands is now 90% complete, the section of flood bank from the beach at the west rock end, heading northwards to the Easton Rife is also 90% complete, all outfall structures are complete and the 1.7km Earnley diversion channel is 80% complete.

The breach work is expected to start at the end of August, the exact timings are unknown due to seas conditions and the current work progress, and the breached area will be not be safe to visit during this period.

22/05/2013 - 11,000 cubic metres of sand and shingle mix have now been added to the beach and the machining and profiling has been completed ready for the summer and there are no more scheduled deliveries until late autumn... All we need now is a few months of blue sky and sun!

08/05/13 - 10 more loads of shingle are being sprayed onto the beach over the next 7 days as part of the planned top up.

22/02/13 - The Environment Agency have been moving shingle from the Witterings to the edge of the Bunn Leisure boundary and blading the edges to neaten things up.

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22/05/2013 - 11,000 cubic metres of sand and shingle mix have now been added to the beach and the machining and profiling has been completed ready for the summer. There are now no more scheduled deliveries until late autumn... All we need now is a few months of blue sky and sun!

08/05/13 - 10 more loads of shingle are being sprayed onto the beach over the next 7 days as part of the planned top up.

22/02/13 - The Environment Agency have been moving shingle from the Witterings to the edge of the Bunn Leisure boundary and blading the edges to neaten things up.

22/02/13 - The last of the 360,000 cubic metres of sand and shingle mix has been delivered and the beach re-profiled so it is looking fantastic for the start of the new season. There will be 20 boat loads arriving later in the year but the timing of this is dependant on the Environment Agency works.

16/01/13 - The Environment Agency have released an update on the Medmerry managed realignment scheme (this is the work being carried out to the west of Bunn Leisure). In November 80% of the work required to build the new inland flood banks was completed but the ongoing wet weather made further progress difficult, and despite different construction techniques and equipment being used they have unfortunately taken the decision to temporarily postpone the construction of the banks until the site is able to dry. This delay means that the planned breach in March 2013 will now be delayed until the autumn of 2013.

The Environment Agency will continue to maintain the existing sea defences until the planned works are completed and this delay should not impact at all on Bunn Leisure's plans for 2013. If you want more information on this project please   click here.

The Environment Agency will continue to maintain the existing sea defences until the planned works are completed.
If you want more information on this project please go to

09/01/13 - Another monumental date for our beautiful beach, the nourishment is now complete! The planned 'top up' of approximately 20 loads is due to start in late February depending on the weather.

11/12/12 - The recharging is not quite finished yet and we are still waiting for 24 more loads... 12 for the west side of the Windmill breakwater and 12 for the west side of the Toe End breakwater.

04/12/12 - The Sospan Dau returned to West Sands on the 30th November after a 4 week break. On its return there was a total of 38,000 m³ remaining to discharge (approx 38 loads). As of today we have 32,000 m³ remaining. Planning shows that if the weather is good and we are able to discharge at each high tide then we can finish before Christmas, but December is not always known for its still and calm weather, so it may take slightly longer.

22/10/12 - Last week we had the highest tides of the year with a force 8 wind behind & the new beach did it's job, there was no over-topping.

21/09/12 - John Bunn placed the last rock on the Toe End breakwater at 2pm today.

20/09/12  - The Windmill breakwater is finished! The final 1,000 tonnes for the Toe End breakwater starts being placed today & should be finished tomorrow evening.

17/09/12 - The Charlie Rock carrying the remaining 2,000 tonnes of rock has been delayed over the weekend. We are now expecting the Charlie Rock to arrive tomorrow morning circa 0700 (Tuesday), and be offloaded at the Windmill End on the late morning tide, followed by the Toe End on the evening tide.

17/09/12 - The barge for the beacons is still in Langstone Harbour this morning, delayed from travel yesterday due to the rough sea state. We are not expecting the barge to travel today, and current ETA now is tomorrow (Tuesday).

13/09/12 - The marker beacons will be installed next week. There are four in total, two near each breakwater. The posts will be driven 6 metres deep & the cap will be wlded to the top.

06/09/12 - The Shoreway dredger has now left Selsey leaving the remaining replenishment to the Sospan Dau. Most of the heavy machinery has also left the site. There is approximately 103,000 cubic metres left to pump which, given good weather, should only take a further 8 weeks to complete.

05/09/12 - To date Shoreway has pumped 223,933 cubic metres and Sospan Dau has pumped 33,700 bringing it to a total of 257,633 cubic metres of and and shingle mix pumped so far.

04/09/12 - The Shoreway has suspended pumping for the time being but Sospan Dau will continue work in the meantime, spraying the area around the Windmill breakwater.

30/08/12 - The rough sea state has prevented recharging over the last 3 tides however we are expecting a calmer sea state later today for the next high tide & planned recharge. Shoreway continues to pump at the Toe End breakwater which is almost complete whilst the Sospan Dau focusses on the Windmill end.

28/08/12 - The recharge is now beginning to have a major impact on the shoreline right along West Sands and we are taking every available opportunity and break in the weather to keep the project on schedule.

27/08/12 - With the fortunate spell of good weather on Sunday we were able to proceed with recharging at Toe End.

24/08/12 - Check out the gallery, photos of our visit to the Dredger Shoreway yesterday. Massive thank you to the crew who were brilliant.

23/08/12 - Due to the expected tides and windy weather this weekend it is highly unlikely that any shingle recharge will take place.

21/08/12 - We are now in the process of moving the large rocks that were originally part of the rock revetment to line and edge the car park area.

17/08/12 - The Sospan Dau will have a new nozzle fitted enabling her to 'rainbow' over the breakwater to fill behind the structure.

17/08/12 - The pipeline will be shortened today.

16/08/12 - Stema II leaves on Sunday for Larvic to load with rock. We need a further 2,000 tonnes for the finishing touches to the breakwaters.

15/08/12 - 160,000 cubic metres of sand & shingle placed onto the beach to date.

14/08/12 - Over 250 metres of beach front is open to enjoy.

10/08/12 - Check our new gallery with some fantastic brand new aerial shots of the sea defences.

07/08/12 - It's just a matter of a few days until the Toe End Breakwater is complete as the men at work add the finishing touches and the Windmill Breakwater is only a few day behind them!

06/08/12 - The recharge is moving along nicely with progress visible on a daily basis. We have now moved quite a way east, now reaching the boat ramp, which is almost completely obscured by the sand and shingle mix.

03/08/12 - no rock works today (Friday) until 9 am on Monday 6th.

01/08/12 - The last load of rock was dropped at the Toe End last night. This now completes deliveries of rock to the West Sands Scheme!

31/07/12 - Check out the new aerial shots in our picture gallery for a birds eye view of the progress so far. With the Toe End Breakwater nearing completion and the recharge really starting to add depth to the beach these pictures really do give a great idea of how far we've come and what the finished project will look like.

30/07/12 - You can now access the fist part of our beautiful new beach at Toe End. If you go down to the Toe End breakwater you can get to a 100m section that has been recharged and profiled already, obviously there is still more work to do, but for now if you want to have a paddle or catch some of that elusive Summer sun then get yourself down to Toe End.

30/07/12 - We now have just 2 rock deliveries left! This evenings delivery will be at the Windmill End, and the final delivery will be at the Toe End tomorrow morning.

27/07/12 - The Beach from the Boat Ramp to Toe End will unfortunately be closed today (Friday) to allow the safety working area to be moved eastward and so the pumping pipeline from Shoreway can be moved. We are hoping that this evening we will be able to open up a 100m stretch of the new beach. The rock works are moving along well and we expect completion of the breakwaters by the end of next week. The Sospan Dau arrival is iminent and will increase the quantities being pumped by 50%.

26/07/12 - The final delivery of Larvic rock has arrived and will be placed on the breakwaters over the next couple weeks, this will signify the end of the first part of the work with just the beach recharge and re-profiling to be done. Although still firmly on schedule for the September completion, the visual impact of the work will start to gather momentum and our beautiful beach will start to look how it should as the days go by.

19/07/12 - The beach recharge looks set to speed up with tides now working in our favour. The previous upper limit for loads was 1,800 tonnes but higher tides means larger loads, up to 3,000 tonnes in fact. The Sospan Dau is also on its way to assist with the recharge and is due to arrive on 30th July.

19/07/12 - The delivery date for the last of the Larvic rock is now 20th July.

17/07/12 - We are waiting for the last delivery of rock from the Larvic quarry, which should be arriving around the 24th July with the final delivery of 23,000 tonnes, bringing the total amount of delivered rock to just over 90,000 tonnes. There is approximately 3,000 tonnes of core rock yet to be placed with the rest being used as armour for the breakwaters.

12/07/12 - With much progress made, the breakwaters nearing completion and the recharge started, the coastal defence scheme is in full swing. Since the recharge began last week a total of 19,031 cubic meters of sand and fine shingle has been placed on Bunn Leisure's new beach.

05/07/12 - The recharge has begun! Our beautiful new beach is on its way and the sand and shingle is now being pumped. Have a look at the new gallery picture to see the beginning of the recharge.

04/07/12 - Shoreway has completed it's first dredge & is currently in the process of hooking up to the pipeline & will commence pumping shortly in the Toe End area.

04/07/12 - There will be a lot of activity just offshore late into this evening as the team anchor the pipeline into position.

03/07/12 - The dredger Shoreway is arriving today and the pipeline could be set up by midday tomorrow. However a weather delay means the first import of beach material is not likely to happen until Thursday at the earliest.

29/06/12 - Aerial photo of 'Shoreway' on it's way here in the gallery.

29/06/12 - The dredger 'Shoreway' will commence dredging & pumping the beach as early as Tuesday.

25/06/12 - Check out the gallery, we've got photos of the pipeline for the beach nourishment at West Sands being prepared at Marchwood, Southampton.

20/06/12 - With both teams still working hard to complete the breakwaters we've managed to keep to schedule and are on target to complete this phase over next 2 to 3 weeks.

13/06/12 - Deliveries underway, Toe End team still in the lead!

11/06/12 -The Stema II barge is now offshore in the vicinity of West Sands with the next rock delivery on board.

07/06/12 - Both the Toe End and Windmill crews have been working around the clock to place the rock, increasing the armour of the breakwaters, to prepare for the next delivery which is scheduled for Friday morning.

06/06/12 - Stema II  on course for arrival Friday 0800 with circa 24,000 tonnes on board.

01/06/12 - Another milestone reached! 30,000 tons of rock has now been placed in the defences.

31/05/12 - The Toe End and Windmill Breakwater crews are racing the tides whilst they are relatively low.

30/05/12 - Work continues with the reinforcement of the breakwaters with amour rock on the outer edges, mainly below the water line.

25/05/12 - The breakwaters are now starting to take form with both crews now back on track with the tight schedule.

22/05/12 - The 2nd delivery arrived from Larvic on Saturday night to bring the total amount of rock delivered to 50,000 tons.

17/05/12 - The Toe End causeway is now sufficiently built to have a small amount visible at high tide.

17/05/12 - The "Armour Rock" barge is now headed for Bunn Leisure with an estimated arrival of Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Hibernia (the ocean going tug) will then return Stema II to pick up another shipment.

10/05/12 - The "Armour Rock" barge is currently in Larvic has not yet departed due to stormy SW winds in the area. Estimated departure date when weather improves is forecast for Saturday 12th May, this will give an ETA West sands Saturday 19th May.

10/05/12 - Poor weather stops the action. Work will commence on the first tide Monday.

09/05/12 - Stema II barge heading for shelter from the poor weather, once she is empty next week she will head back to Larvic to reload.

09/05/12 - The very low spring tides are working to our advantage, work is progressing quickly & we have caught up from the initial bad weather delay.

08/05/12 - Causeways really taking shape, check out the latest images on the gallery. Very impressive.

03/05/12 - let the race begin...the two teams have started building the causeways, 10metres already completed!

02/05/12 - The work has now begun in earnest and both causeways are beginning to take shape!

01/05/12 - 19:37 Charlie Rock has arrived on West Sands beach!

01/05/12 - At last hopefully we have a break in the weather, and all looking forward to starting this evening!

30/04/12 -The swell is still too much to tranship any rock this evening or tomorrow morning from the current conditions and updated forecast; winds are now expected to increase overnight and decrease tomorrow. Weather permitting we will bring the first transhipment barge to the beach on tomorrow evenings high tide, circa 1800-2200.

26/04/12 - Weather still an issue so no delivery today.

24/04/12 - No rock movements possibly until Thursday due to poor weather conditions.

24/04/12 - Stema II is currently off Hastings & Charlie Rock is off Dungeness on route to Selsey.

19/04/12 - Stema II has set  sail from Norway with 24,000 tonnes of rock, it will arrive on Tuesday 24th April.

19/04/12 - The boat 'Charlie Rock' will set sail from Felixstowe this week.

19/04/12 - 'Charlie Rock' will meet up with Stema II (the mothership) & trans-ship 1,500 tonnes of rock onto our beach at each tide.


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